Thursday, December 28, 2006

I Wonder Why?

The Heart Throbs were a band I kept on seeing supporting other acts and they were always a good reason to drag yourself away from the bar and even, shock! horror! stand up! The first time I saw them was on a wonderful triple bill along with The Motorcycle Boy and "Darklands" era Jesus & Mary Chain. Around that time the band released their single "Bang" on Rough Trade, after a couple more singles they signed to One Little Indian. Three albums followed "Cleopatra Grip" in 1992, "Jubilee Twist" in 1992 and finally "Vertical Smile" in 1993. All three had some great songs, some almost hit singles, and more importantly risque (apparently) album titles. A steady stream of band members came and went and sadly the band firmly resides in the coulda been shoulda been pile. Today's downloads include the Bang single and a track a piece from the first two albums.

Download - The Heart Throbs - Bang

Download - The Heart Throbs - Hooligan

Download - The Heart Throbs - Kiss Me When I'm Starving

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Turquoise Days Radio

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Teenage Winter Wonderland

Hi! Remember us. This is Adrian, he's the reason you may have come here and wondered why nothing new has been posted. I'll do my best to update (in)frequently going forward. As a special holiday post here are two new Saint Etienne songs the band gave away to the attendees of thier Christmas show in London this week. The first is apparently a Cliff Richard cover and the second a brand new song by the band. Happy holidays everyone!

Download - Saint Etienne - 21st Century Christmas

Download - Saint Etienne - Through The Winter

The Saint Etienne website and shop can be found here

Saint Etienne - Nothing Can Stop Us Now (live)