Saturday, February 18, 2006

Don't think of it as goodbye

At the present time I really don't have enough time to regularly post here, and so for the forseeable future I'd point you in the direction of the links to your left where you will find several daily fixes of great songs.

Friday, February 03, 2006

All revved Up

Over at the very wonderful Indie MP3 blog today (go there now) you will find a feature and three downloads by The Motorcycle Boy this was the band that Alex Taylor of The Shop Assistants formed with members of Meat Whiplash after the first Shop Assistants album. They released the very well received single "Big Rock Candy Mountain" signed to a major label and after a couple of non-performing but great singles, their one and only album was recorded but never released. Surely there's a market for a release now with the singles added on. Are you listening Cherry Red, Vinyl Japan, anyone? Here's some more of the songs from their singles to enjoy.

- The Motorcycle Boy - Trying To Be Kind

- The Motorcycle Boy - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

- The Motorcycle Boy - His Latest Flame

And in case you forgot more Motorcycle Boy here