Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Donkey In A Fez

I always lumped Cud in with the likes of Stump and Bogshed, Peel favorites favoring angular sounds and wacky song titles. Their new compilation though "Rich And Strange" highlight that was just one side of the band who progressed from a shambolic, sound to almost polished quirkiness on their last album. In their career they even dented the UK singles charts a couple of times. The release of the compilation has also prompted the band to get back together for some live shows which have been well received so maybe new recordings will be on the horizon?

- Cud - You Sexy Thing

- Cud - I've Had It With Blondes

- Cud - Sticks And Stones

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Cud site here

Cud - Through The Roof


howard said...

king tuts wah wah hut in 1990 with a space baby t-shirt and covered in sweat.good times.

bill p said...

Was 1991 the worst year for fashion or what?

I liked Cud (Leggy Mambo was their best) but Carl's particular brand of Tom Jones singing was offputting to many.

Colonel Knowledge said...

Top tunes.

I saw the band on their first comeback date at Newcastle.

They still rock a fat one.

explodingboy said...

saw them in Newcastle too and the years just fell away. great gig, hope they do some more or at least re-release the albums on cd, they for £50+ on ebay!