Sunday, July 03, 2005

Do You Come Here Often?

Probably a lot more often then I have done in the last couple of months!! I promise to try and do better, and thanks to all those people who commented on the lack of posts and said they actually missed my bad grammar and downloads of guitar bands who coulda shoulda been contenders. So for your listening pleasure we have two songs that March Records released as a very limited CD (150 copies apparently) to celebrate their 10th anniversary. That's tin by the way in case you're interested. The Cd featured some of the label's bands doing covers so here's Barcelona with a cover of Altered Images' classic "I Could Be Happy" and Holiday with the Beach Boys' "That's Not Me"

March Records can be found here


Paulo X said...

Welcome back, Steve!

Thanks for the Barcelona track, it's awesome!

Jun Eric Pilar said...

Whew,Thanks for putting this up & Barcelona is a fine band,i also love their cool cover of Men Without Hats "Pop Goes The World".


ion said...

Good to have you back. Don't make us wait another two months for another post. We're not getting any younger ;)

ion said...

Oh, yes -- I should mention how much I like the songs. I always appreciate a good Beach Boys cover and Barcelona does a fine job with one of my favorite Altered Images songs. Thanks!!!

indieboytraqueur (FRANCE) said...

I'm so glad that you came back. Welcome back too.