Monday, November 29, 2004

Best Kept Secret

Of all the bands that released records on Sarah my personal favorites were The Orchids, Sugargliders and Even As We Speak. I’m sure at some point I’ll get back to the former two bands but for now I wanted to share some Even As We Speak with you. Hailing from Australia, where they released a handful of 7” and one 12” EP some of these songs turned up on their debut Sarah 7” featuring FIVE songs. This was good but the follow up to this “One Step Forward” was a big progression and even that didn’t prepare you for their one, and sadly only, album “Feral Pop Frenzy” an eclectic mix of pop songs, spoken word interludes and Barry White samples which somehow all fitted together perfectly. Around this time the band moved to the UK living together as if starring in an indiepop reality series. After another excellent single “Blue Eyes Deceiving Me” and a John Peel session hinting at the down-tempo direction they may have been heading in they returned to Australia and split up. A couple of years ago there was talk of a radio sessions album being released, alongside a re-release of “Feral Pop Frenzy” but alas once again all has gone quiet. So with fingers crossed it might still happen here is “Blue Eyes Deceiving Me” and from their final Peel session broadcast in October 93 the unreleased song “Suddenly”.


Tom said...

Not my favourite band on Sarah at the time. Will have to give another listen now.

Craig said...

thanks for linking to me. i'm on a mac and can't download your files:(. whatdayathink? I'm fairly computer illiterate but it's not working for me