Thursday, November 25, 2004

Does The Fish Have Chips?

There I was minding my own business when it suddenly came out the ether of my mind, the immortal line “How much is the fish? How much is the chips? Does the fish have chips?” Which for the unaware comes from the song “Buffalo” by Stump. This was one of two things I could remember about Stump, the other being the video for their song “Charlton Heston” featuring the band and hundreds of frogs to tie in with the biblical references of the song and its frog backing vocals. Of course, their albums on CD are long since deleted and fetching crazy money online. However, I found both singles via ebay and here briefly for your listening pleasure you can check them out.
One of the band members, Kev Hopper, has a history of the band you can read here.


Paulo X said...

Hey, thanks for the Stump tracks!

A friend of mine made a mix tape for me many, many, many, years ago, and "Charlton Heston" was on it, so I was delighted to find that track here!

Is there any chance you have London Cowboys in your collection?

Paulo, in Brazil

howard said...

haven't heard thestump tracks in years and years - thanks - one thing to add-

How do I get off the bus?

Anonymous said...

Howard: you can't - you must stay... forever. And no standing before the sign. Or in front of it. Standing room only.