Saturday, November 27, 2004

Deep Down Inside, We're All Punk Rockers At Heart

Hurrah! If one band was the reason I originally wrote a fanzine way back in the day (evidence) it was Hurrah! If one band was the indirectly responsible for THE fanzine Are You Scared To Get Happy? It was Hurrah! So using the same fuzzy logic if one band was responsible for the launch of Sarah records it was Hurrah! That might be stretching the point a bit but something I can definitely tell you is a fact is that Hurrah! produced a string of absolutely classic singles, got swallowed up by a major label, had the wonderful demos for their debut album Tell God I’m Here turned into a nowhere as good LP. Their second album The Beautiful improved on the first but for a true portrait of what I’m talking about try your damndest to find The Sound Of Philadelphia CD released by Rev-ola. Of course it appears to be deleted as even the expensive Japanese import, yes it is worth it, is out of stock on

Taking you up to date a couple of the band members formed Bronze and if you check out the website for the Bus Stop label you can at least buy their CD.

Bus Stop label

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howard said...

bloody hell - have you been going through my tape box? ;)