Thursday, June 29, 2006

Covered In Bears

So this week I got an email from those fine folks at Insound telling me that because I have previously purchased something by The Shins and/or Belle And Sebastian I should check out the album by The Bears and because I'm open to subtle marketing of this ilk (by the way have you clicked on the twix link up there to your left??) I did and discovered that their self titled debut album is a pop gem sitting there in the jewelry shop of mediocrity waiting to be plucked and cherished or something. Working in a similar way to The Boy least Likely To two friends in Cleveland, Craig and Charlie, recorded the album but live are joined by other people for a full band experience. There's a sixties pop influence cruising through the songs and mixed in with the aforementioned Shins, Belle & Sebastian and some happy go lucky folk leanings and you have an album that is going to be on repeat play this summer. As an added bonus you can get a nice 15% off at Insound just follow the link below.

Bears - Everywhere

Bears - Walk Away

The Bears website is here

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