Friday, June 23, 2006

Ride Into The Sun

This week has probably been the busiest week in the history of Luna, kind of ironic seeing the band split some time back. Luna were always one of those bands that I would hear a song by love, but never get round to buying an album by, well if you're like me the release of a Best Of this week, entitled "The Best Of Luna" so as not to confuse you is a great place to start as its a fine overview of the bands albums. The one thing it does illustrate is that the band was consistently good, no peaks or troughs just a constant stream of classic songwriting. The only complaint I would have with the album is that the band throughout their career released some great cover versions, most popular being their take on "Bonnie & Clyde" and there are none of these featured on the album. Well fear not, also out this week is "Lunafied" a download-only album that collects together lots of covers and some of the bands rarer tracks. Available from iTunes in the US and maybe elsewhere you can purchase it as a whole album or cherry pick the songs you want.
Finally, this week also saw the DVD release of "Tell Me Do You Miss Me" a documentary following the bands final US tour and sheds some light on the reasons the band split, what sounds like it could be rather downbeat is actually revealing, at times funny and includes a whole bunch of live performances. To download today are two covers from Lunafied, "Season Of The Witch" which appeared on the excellent "I Shot Andy Warhol" soundtrack and the band's take on "Indian Summer" by Beat Happening. On an unrelated note be sure to click on the link to your left for the twix sweepstakes as we're only too pleased to whore ourselves out for the promise of Twix bars!

Luna - Indian Summer

Luna - The Season Of The Witch

Buy Lunafied here
Luna's webspace and documentary trailer is here

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