Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jim Noir 1, Chickens 0

I was quite shocked to hear Jim Noir's "Eanie Meaney" being used for the Addidas World Cup ads but I hope he's making plenty of money from it. Sadly the album from which the song comes from, "Tower Of Love" has not been released in the US yet, but if you like Brian Wilson influenced, psychedelic folk this collection of previously limited EPs is something to consider even as an import. In much the same way as the Boy Least Likely To album still feels like an album because the songs are so good the same can be said here. To download today here is that song which has brightened up several dull group games at half time, the remix of "My Patch" by Hot Chip and so you can compare and contrast the very cool video for "My Patch".

Jim Noir - Eanie Meaney

Jim Noir - My Patch Hot Chip remix

Buy Jim Noir's "Tower Of Love" here

Jim Noir's webpage is here and his mypsace page is here

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howard said...

Tower of love is easily the most listened to record inthe last 8 months in our house. Top stuff.