Monday, November 21, 2005

Big Fish

During the early 90s in the UK someone came up with the great idea of producing Volume, a CD sized magazine that came complete with a CD featuring the bands interviewed inside, often with rare or exclusive songs, and all featuring a cool fish on the front cover. This apparently sold pretty well and the started doing a trancey/dancey version and then a Nu-metal version and then for whatever reason they stopped. I guess traditional music magazine publishers took notice as now every UK music mag has to have a covermounted CD to sell.

Anyway, I picked up some of the Volume CDs last week and its interesting to see what bands still exist and how many you'd completely forgotten about, often for good reason! So for the next few days I'll post a few songs from each CD, starting today with Volume 6. First up is(c) or Lesley Rankine, who apparently was a model who got a reputation for being "difficult", recorded one album that fitted into the trip-hop times of the early 90s and vanished. Ultra Vivid Scene I think were on 4AD at the time, and has maintained a cult following who will snap up limited edition box sets etc ever since, but is one of those bands I will always hear a song by and think that's good but can't digest a whole album. Gallon Drunk again had some great songs, but seemed to come over as a bit of a poor mans birthday Party of Bad Seeds. Big in Camden and not much else sadly. Fluke were Creation records first foray into dance music but swiftly moved on to Virgin who released their best albums, they were kind of the point where trance music and the ambient Orb type stuff met and went on to make some cool songs that fitted perfectly onto video games.

- (C) - He Was
- Buy it here

- Ultra Vivid Scene - Cut Throat (remix)
- Get stuff here

- Gallon Drunk - Keep Moving On
- Albums here

- Fluke - Spacey
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