Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ruined In A Day

If you check the comments on yesterday's post you'll find some more "Love Will Tear Us Apart" cover version suggestions. In a similar vein today here's some New Order covers that don't include the numerous bad versions of "Blue Monday". So here are live versions of "Regret" by The Afghan Whigs and The Get Up Kids, a folky version of "Love Vigilantes" by Poi Dog Pondering and there must be something in the water of Australian indie pop as both Frente! and Even As We Speak covered "Bizarre Love Triangle".

- The Afghan Whigs - Regret (live)
buy the Afghan Whigs here

- Even As We Speak - Bizarre Love Triangle

- Frente! - Bizarre Love Triangle
buy Frente here

- The Get Up Kids - Regret (live)
Buy The Get Up Kids here

- Poi Dog Pondering - Love Vigilantes
get Poi Dog Pondering here


x379 said...

why won't anyone cover anything from the first album, "movement"? that was their best...

Anonymous said...

galaxie 500 did a version of ceremony. the cure also had a version of love will tear us apart. and in case yoou didn't know, slumber party also did love will tear us apart. lastly, somebody told me the ocean blue did a superb version of love vigilantes.