Wednesday, November 23, 2005

(Cardboard) Box Fish

The last of the Volume mags/CDs today and we end with No.13. Included on this CD is a demo version of Radiohead's "Nice Dream" but being contrary I've posted four other songs. A demo version of an Animals That Swim song that ended up on their second album. A song from Juliana Hatfield from when she was riding the Lemonheads slipstream to erm nowhere really. A song from Luscious Jackson less funky than some of their other songs but cool nonetheless and finally the highlight of the day Edwyn Collins and Bernard Butler covering the Orange Juice classic "In A Nutshell"

- Animals That Swim - East Street O'Neill
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- Juliana Hatfield - Waves
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- Luscious Jackson - Daddy
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- Edwyn Collins & Bernard Butler - In A Nutshell
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