Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This week I picked up a copy of an album called "Sweetheart" which features the likes of Neko Case, Old 97's, M Ward, and many more playing covers of songs that hold special places in their collective hearts. Also on there, and my highlight of the album, are Calexico with their rendition of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" which thankfully doesn't try and copy the original but takes it in a whole new direction.

This inspired me to look through my record collection and discover just how many versions of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" I own. Sadly not the Paul Young version but if anyone has it along with his version of Billy Bragg's "Man With The Iron Mask" please get in touch! So we have the Bossa Nova sound of Nouvelle vague from their great album, two versions by Swans the black and red versions no less, the aforementioned Calexico version and lastly Bis being almost restrained for them with their take on it.

- Calexico - Love Will Tear Us Apart buy it here

- Nouvelle Vague - Love Will Tear Us Apart buy it here

- Swans - Love Will Tear Us Apart (black) buy it here

- Swans - Love Will Tear Us Apart (red)

- Bis - Love Will Tear Us Apart Buy it here


Anonymous said...

Jose Gonzales has a live version here:

Anonymous said...

Wonderlick did a good version in their self-titled CD (2002, Future Farmer Recordings)

Anonymous said...

No Tuvan throat-singing version? It's by Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha and is, um, interesting to say the least.

Vaughn said...

I collect various takes of the song (thanks for the Bis). Outside of Joy Division's versions my favorite is Jarboe's Swans' one which I think is the saddest of all and that's saying something! It is the greatest song of the last 30 years or better (IMHO).

Anonymous said...

there is also a version from warp-artist squarepusher anywhere on the internet!

Paulo X said...

UNIT-E has recorded a pretty good version of the song as well.

Anonymous said...

I have The Swans EP and Paul Young's "no Parlez" on vinyl. I was listening to a radio program of cover versions last week and heard a version by (UK band?) The Arlenes (phonetic spelling). Can anyone shed any light?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Paul Young's "Love Will" is on "No Parlez," which can usually be purchased for $1 at thrift stores. Beh.

Also ...

The Swinging Erudites (campy 80s college rock band) did a song called "C&T Meet JD", which features the melody of LWTUA but the lyrics of "Love Will Keep Us Togetehr" by Capt. & Tenille.

Dsico's mash up "Love Will Freak Us" has Missy Elliott lyrics.

Also ... isn't there a LWTUA cover on "A Means To An End"?

Anonymous said...

Love Will Tear Us Apart cover versions:

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