Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Little Fish

Volume magazine number 11 came out in Autumn 94 and was billed as their Reading festival special. For those not in the know Reading festival held in Berkshire England was for many years a poor mans Glastonbury festival. It consisted of lots of bad heavy metal acts and bikers throwing bottles of piss at each other. At some point new organizers took over and decided alternative music is where its at for attracting a crowd and now it takes place in Leeds as well as Reading with bands playing in both locations over the end of August weekend. The two times I attended the festival was making that difficult transition from hairy bikers to hairy students and the bill reflected this.

The first year I went we took the lightweight option and took a coach for just one day featuring top goths Fields of the Nephilim or "Why won't the Sisters Of Mercy release some new songs!" to give them their full name. Sadly, the coach driver insisted parking away from the festival site and warned us he'd leave without anyone back on the coach at 11.30. So imagine the scene at 11.27 as us and a bunch of drunk goths staggered through a cabbage field in the dark trying to find the coach.

Undeterred we returned the next complete with car (that overheated on the way there, and would start when we tried to leave) and a borrowed "three man" tent that tuned out to be a "three infant" sized tent and when we returned after the first night and turned into a "three infant soggy puddle" that was attracting much laughing from passers by. The music the second year consisted of the likes of The Wonder Stuff and many others I've completely forgotten. Oh The Butthole Surfers and Swans who were both very scary!

Anyway, where was I? The Volume Reading Festival special. Taken from it we have Drugstore, Deus, Kitchens Of Distinction three bands who were great and no longer exist, and The Wedding Present who are still great, and still exist.

- Drugstore - Super Glider
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- Deus - Violins And Happy Endings
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- Kitchens Of Distinction - Remember Me?
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- The Wedding Present - Spangle
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July2Nov said...

If I'm not mistaken, Deus is still together...they just released the album "Pocket Revolution" in Sept of this year.

Jereen said...

Indeed, dEUS is still together with some new members, but are still as good as they ever were... they recently released "Pocket Revolution", a very good album and are currently touring Europe...

Anonymous said...

I've seen deus live yesterday...