Thursday, July 06, 2006

All True Trendies

If you click on the link to your left you can go to The Hype Machine a great resource for seeing whats hip and happening out there in MP3 blogland. I was sad to notice recently how little Aberfeldy have been featured on blogs, especially as I think that their debut album "Young Forever" was one of my highlights of last year. Hopefully this will be rectified with their new album "Do Whatever Turns You On" which has just been released in the UK and hopefully soon in the US? The best way to describe the album I think is its good old fashioned pop music, no pretence of being the latest in thing, just perfect bursts of three minute songs, singalong choruses and fun. Remember fun? They did a session on Mark Radcliffe's BBC radio 2 show this week which you can download below and a video to watch.

Aberfeldy - Hypnotized radio session

Aberfeldy - I Need You To Know radio session

Aberfeldy - Whatever Turns You On

Aberfeldy albums can be found here

Their website resides here

Aberfeldy - Hypnotized

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unknown said...

hey...! good shout out for the aberfeldy folk :) we've featured aberfeldy over at our place! and more from the new album coming too... i just picked it up today in fact... greetings fae glasgow! colin