Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sometimes Loving Is The Hardest Thing

Moose are a fine example of a band who got a whole bunch of positive press when they first appeared. Triumphed as one of the leading lights of the shoegazing movement this got them into the music papers but soon become a noose around their neck that they never really escaped from. Their first three EPs gave the impression they were destined for greatness but as they moved away from their original sound and brought in country and even soul influences they produced their most accomplished music but at the same time were still thought of as last year's big thing. All of their albums are fine purchases from the stunning artwork in but if I were to recommend one it'd probably be "XYZ" from 1992. They also were masters of the cool cover version although sadly they often ended up as freebie 7" singles that came with the vinyl versions of their albums where they covered songs by the likes of Colourbox, Wire and Bobby Gentry. Today's songs are a couple of early greats and a cover of "Everybody's Talking."

- Moose - Jack

- Moose - The River Will Never Run Dry

- Moose - Everybody's Talking

Moose website here and myspace page here

Moose - Suzanne


bill p said...

I love Moose... that live live version of "The River Will Never Run Dry" that's at the end of XYZ is amazing.

David said...

I see you posted MOOSE
they are my fav unsung band
there are 2 songs from a 7inch record that accompanied their LP xyz.
The Moon Is Blue and Early Morning Rain
have heard of them or know where I could find them?