Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm Jeff Goldblum In The Fly

The Divine Comedy have just released another fine album in the Uk/Europe "Victory For The Comic Muse" which as far as I can make out currently doesn't have a US release date. It's got some good reviews over here already though with Pitchfork singing its praises today. Quite rightly to, throughout his career Neil Hannon has produced a string of wry pop masterpieces but is definitely an artist you either love or loathe I think. To me he is the Irish equivalent of Stephen Merrit, or Jarvis Cocker for that matter, someone who dares place an emphasis of intelligence, and is definitely ploughing his own furrow which every so often converges on the British public to produce a hit single or two. The new album does feature some of his most ambitious songs yet with "A Lady Of A Certain Age" getting a lot of attention. Being contrary though I'm not posting anything new today (I'll include a link to a new song though) but here's a pot pourri of rarer Divine Comedy. So we have two covers, Bowie & Kraftwerk, a treat for Father Ted fans (if you're not see me after class) and one of my favorite singles. Oh, and a video of the most recent single which is kind of disturbing.

The Divine Comedy - Gin Soaked Boy

The Divine Comedy - My Lovely Horse

The Divine Comedy - Life On Mars

The Divine Comedy - The Model

Divine Comedy download at Fluxblog

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Website here

The Divine Comedy - Diva Lady


Ween said...

The new album is very good. A return to the style of Promenade and Liberation a bit, with the music not over powering the witty and clever lyrics.

I would buy it as soon as possible

I'm the catcher in the rye!

Me said...

hi man... you dont know me.. i hve been looking for "gin-soaked boy" for quite some time and cannot find the mp3. can you please email it to me.. my mail id is ravihanda@gmail.com