Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Featuring Sarah Cracknell

When she's not fronting Saint Etienne, Sarah Cracknell has been a welcome addition to several other peoples songs. So here today are a few of them. Firstly the 6ths, one of the multitude of Stephen Merritt side projects featured this song on the album "Hyacinths and Thistles" which also included contributions from Bob Mould, Gary Numan and Neil Hannon plus a whole bunch more. "Gone" was one of the singles released from the first David Holmes album "This Film's Crap Let's Slash The Seats" and comes in whole host of remixes and versions. Cheapglue released one album (I think) called "Sexy Horses" and was the moniker adopted by one Johnny Glue who has written with Saint Etienne in the past and was apparently a member of Republica. Lastly we have "Miles Apart" which features on the latest Shack album "On The Corner Of Miles And Gil" but not with Ms. Cracknell's vocals - their loss. There were rumors that there was going to be a second Sarah Cracknell solo album, but recently little more has been mentioned. So, here's a video clip of her first album "Lipslide"

The 6ths feat. Sarah Cracknell - Kissing Things

David Holmes feat. Sarah Cracknell - Gone

Cheapglue feat. Sarah Cracknell - You Just Won Me Over

Shack feat. Sarah Cracknell - Miles Apart

The Saint Etienne Website is here

Sarah Cracknell - Anymore


Cinema de Merde said...


Thanks for this helpful page. One thing I don't see listed that you should DEFINITELY check out is "Tomorrow's Girl" by Funky Monkey, which is a TEN-MINUTE dance opus featuring the vocals of the luminous and effortlessly fabulous Ms. Cracknell. I LOVE this song, and the ten minutes go by so fast! It's around for download, although perhaps not, you know, LEGALLY.

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