Friday, October 14, 2005

Cool Shoes

Don't you just hate it when real life and its trials and tribulations get in the way of posting MP3?? Yep me to. Anyway this coming Monday sees the long awaited, by me at least, first full length album by the wonderful Arrogants whats more as well as 23 more fine examples of the great pop songs they've delighted us with in the past 'You've always known best when to say goodbye' comes complete with a free DVD featuring a film made over the last two years as the album was made. If that's not good enough for you it also comes to you for the knockdown price of $8.75 in the US from Twee Kitten at the link below. So put a ring around your calendar for Monday and in the meantime you can check out the songs below including two from the new album and two from their previous two mini albums. What's more the band have made their complete back catalogue available free to download at their website, so dip your toes in the Arrogants paddling pool below, flail around in the shallow end at their website, and then on Monday go the whole hog and depth-charge all the little kids from the highboard on Monday (or something)

Download - The Arrogants - Don't Be So Cynical from 'You've Always Known Best When To Say Goodbye

Download - The Arrogants - Wishing Well also from the new CD

Download - The Arrogants - Why TANG Is My Favorite Band

Download - The Arrogants - Costa Rica

Buy the new album from Twee Kitten here

All of the other Arrrogants downloads can be found at their website here


Jun Eric Pilar said...

Cool!looking forward to hearing them again:)I can cry now...


martijn said...

i wonder if they'll ever release something as great as lovesick again - that one sticks out a bit too much among their songs

Anonymous said...

Just found them. Some good stuff. Now they've got me wondering who TANG is. Anyone? I'm sure it's not the two TANG's I've found on the www...

Steve said...

the story of Tang can be found on the DVD that accompanies the CD. One of the band members is now married to the Arrogant's singer.

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