Saturday, October 15, 2005

It Was Really Pretty Good

So if you thought yesterday's post was but the gateway to a whole kaboodle of songs by The Arrogants, hold on to your hats as today we can even top that by introducing you if you haven't already met them to Thunderegg. I know you're thinking "huh the state rock of Oregon, since when has this been a geology blog?" (if you want a good time check some of those badboys out). No, Thunderegg, in this case, is a band who have since the distant days of 1993 making music together with various interludes of band members moving around the country. While this was going on Will from the band stayed in New York recording six CDs of four track demos, displaying a perfect mixture of folk, pop, and some of the best heartfelt and humorous lyrics this side of The Lucksmiths. Taking some of these songs the band recorded 'A Very Fine Sample of What's Available at the Mine' which you can purchase directly from the band below. So what have the band done with those other 259 songs recorded as demos? Well some can either be downloaded, yes downloaded from the band's website, purchased on separate CDs, or in the very near future they are going to put onto one MP3 CD 'Open Book' which will also come complete with a very thick booklet of all the lyrics.

If that wasn't enough Will, at the start of the year, began posting at least one new song a week on their website to download. Every Monday you can go there and get your fix of a perfect pop gem to get you through the week. The great thing is, unlike here where we giveth the MP3, and then we cruelly snatch them away from you in a week or so, you can still get all forty plus songs that have been posted so far. So pick a week, download the song and I guarantee you'll then want the whole bunch.

Download - Thunderegg - If A Went On A Diet from 'A Very Fine Sample Of What's Available At The Mine'.buy the album here

Download - Thunderegg - It's Not You, It's Not Me (Pedal Steel version)

Download - Thunderegg - Puffins (version 2)

Download more more more at the band's website here

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