Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tell Laura I love Her

I had plans to put up the Paul Anka version of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' today but then my better judgment got the better of me. For those who don't know Mr. Anka has recorded a whole album of rock covers in his Sinatra-lite style so if you wanna hear It's My Life and The Lovecats rendered so his new albums for you, and no-one else frankly. Anyway, to feel this grunge anthem void I present the Credit To The Nation sampling almost hit, and Pansy Division's Kurt endorsed version.

The answer to the previous quiz was Saint Etienne, the covered the Candlewick Green song, sampled the Dusty Springfield song, St. Etienne backing singer Debsy sings in Birdie, and Shampoo started off their illustrious career with two singles on Icerink a label started by the band. The football shirt picture features a Saint Etienne shirt.

Download - Credit To The Nation - Call It What You Want buy it here

Download - Pansy Division - Smells Like Queer Spirit Buy their albums here

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