Wednesday, October 19, 2005


So the answer to yesterday's teaser was:
Dave Newton was a member of The Wiild Flowers

He left to form The Mighty Lemon Drops

Pop Will Itself released a cover of 'Like An Angel' and in their song 'Can U Dig It?' mention

'Hit The North' now I'm not sure if they were talking about the song by The Fall but its such a great song who cares.

The picture was a promo shot for the long gone radio show also called Hit The North featuring Mark Radcliff, Frank Sidebottom and of course Marc 'Lard' Riley once of The Fall. See easy!

So today, never one to avoid flogging a dead horse here's four more songs, and a picture; How are they all connected?

Candlewick Green - Who Do You Think You Are?

Dusty Springfield - I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face Buy it here

Birdie - Please Rain Fall buy it here

Shampoo - Trouble buy it here


Paulo X said...

All that I know is that it has something to do with Saint Etienne...

x379 said...

birdie! always a pleasure to see them/her getting some publicity. kinda like mazzy star, noise for pretend, and call & response rolled into one.

Anonymous said...

So Im in Crate and Barrel this afternoon with my wife and I hear the opening of this 'Dusty' track playing. Unknowingly, thought I thought it was "Nothing Can Stop Us Now' by Saint Etienne, and it dawns on me that its not SE! I immediately go home and find out it is in fact Dusty! I have so slept on this track. Thanks for posting it. I will further expand my 'Dusty' collection!

Anonymous said...

I know at least 1 of these songs were covered by Saint Etienne, 1 song was sampled by SE, and Shampoo has worked with and are friends of SE. I assume the jersey represents the team they support in England? Im sure 'Birdie' was produced or somehow has worked with them aswell.