Monday, October 24, 2005


I've got Teenage Fanclub to thank for alerting me to Pavement. I was in Glasgow and we went into a bar where some of the city's bands were meant to hang out and on this particular afternoon two of Teenage Fanclub were sitting in a corner nursing their pints. I would probably never have approached them but the person I was with, lacking any shame, promptly went over and we ended up chatting to them for half an hour or so. In the course of this they recommended Pavement's 'Trigger Cut' EP which had just come out, and the next day I bought it. After that I bought the odd CD, not knowing that on this side of the pond, my one day to be wife was buying everything they ever put out.
Now of course the band are rightly heralded as worthy of having their albums being re-released in lavish packages with extra songs aplenty and I'm sure one day we'll see the inevitable reunion. In a kind of two part Pavement post, today I thought I'd put up one of my favorite songs of theirs, 'Here', in this instance the Peel session version, along with some covers of it, and tomorrow I'll post some covers by Pavement. So here is 'Here' interpreted by Grandaddy (live) which cuts off sadly so if anyone has a full length version let me know, Tindersticks, and mixed up with the mighty '99 Problems' by Jay-Z

- Pavement - Here (Peel session) buy it here

Grandaddy - Here (live)

- Tindersticks - Here buy it here

- Jay-Z vs Pavement - 99 Problems Here

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