Friday, October 07, 2005

That Smoooth Jazz Sound

Words cannot describe how much I hate the jazzy stylings of Dame Cleo Laine, the memories of her cropping up on some TV variety show with husband Johnny DANKworth in tow to irritate the hell out of me. So in was with some trepidation I approached the new FREE MP3 EP from Looper as the first song is entitled 'Cleo Laine' but I'm pleased to report the song itself, although apparently about the harpy herself, is a gentle, almost folky, song with a wonderful trumpet part that crops up in the final third. This, and the second song 'Close Your Eyes' both share a quiet quality like someone is whispering in your ear and drawing you closer. The third song is a remix by Bitmap of 'The Strangest Girl' which ups the tempo and volume, and reminds you that Looper are equally at home with beats or songs about bubble haired Dames.

The set of three MP3 EPs that are now available would make up the strongest album Looper have produced so far and in case you were averting your eyes at the mention of the Laine woman earlier they are all free at the link below. Well apart from having to register to receive them, but that is a small price to pay, unless the whole thing is a ploy to get you on Dame Cleo's mailing list?

To download the three Looper EPs go here

An interview we did with Looper from way back when can be found here

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