Monday, January 23, 2006

Better Bow Legged Than No Legged

The reason in my humble opinion an MP3 blog is far superior to a regular blog/fanzine is quite simply the fact the blogger can be the worst writer in the world and still get their point across as you, dear listener, get to make your mind up about the band concerned. No need for bad comparisons, or tangential missives telling you little about said band and their wonderful album, but plenty about the writer's skewed psyche. Or something. A case in point with The Light Footwork a male/female duo, the male half was on Beulah's last tour and several Beulahs play on their album "One State, Two State." Most reviews/mentions of the band bring up Beulah which I can see in the fact they both produce pop songs that have lots of great stuff going on beneath their poppy veneer. But see for yourself below.

The album appears to be just available at the moment from the band's website and at Scenic in NYC tomorrow where they are conducting a you buy the album, they'll buy you a beer experiment. Sure beats a free sticker.

- The Light Footwork - Coastlines Are Landmines

- The Light Footwork - The Art Of Everyday Communication Pt 1

- The Light Footwork - Rapture Good Rupture Bad

Buy the album at the band's website here

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