Friday, January 13, 2006

Warm Panda Cola

My curiosity in The Boy Least Likely To was piqued by the music press adverts featuring their album artwork as you can see above. Doodled animals always do it for me, and when I eventually heard their album "The Best Party Ever" it kind of fit in with the songs. If you can imagine bits of Badly Drawn Boy, Aberfeldy, and a mandatory school music class where if you were lucky you got the wooden blocks to play, then you've got a bloody good imagination, and may get the gist of the album. Although it came out in the UK in the middle of last year, with several singles accompanying it including the latest with a Field Mice cover on the b-side, it will finally be released in the US on 4th April that will feature an extra disc of the UK b-sides and there is a short US tour to go with it.

To get you a taster of the album today we have a radio session from last July. It's in one big file but the songs are: "Hugging My Grudge", "Paper Cuts", and "My Tiger My Heart." From the great unofficial website below you can also download another session including their cover of George Michael's "Faith"

- The Boy Least Likely To - XFM radio session

The band's website can be found here

An even better unofficial site can be found here

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