Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lorra Lorra Laffs

One of my favorite albums of all time is "Lost Weekend" by The Monochrome Set and for the longest time the only way to get this album on CD was to pay a whole bunch of money for the Japanese release on eBay and the like. Now, it is available for a much more reasonable price from the website listed below. This was mentioned on the band's own website, and as it said on there it appears to be of dubious origin, but the quality is perfect, and any misgivings about ordering it were dispelled when it arrived in less than a week. The CD includes the original album, all the b-sides from the single releases, and a previously unreleased song "Cilla Black"

- The Monochrome Set - Jacob's Ladder

- The Monochrome Set - Letter From Viola

- The Monochrome Set - Cilla Black

Buy the album here

The Monochrome Set's website lives here

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karen said...

wonderful stuff! thanks for posting it.