Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Radcliffe Revisited

Belle And Sebastian continued their radio session tour of the UK this week, visiting the Mark Radcliffe show. To many people, myself included, Radcliffe's show introduced many people to the band when he adopted "Tigermilk" way back in the day, and unlike the previous sessions to promote their new album the whole band were in the studio. They played four songs from "The Life Pursuit", "Funny Little Frog" and the three below. The album hits stores next week and it will definitely be worth paying that little extra for the deluxe version in a hardback sleeve and extra DVD of live tracks.

- Belle And Sebastian - The Blues Will Still Be Blue (Radio session)

- Belle And Sebastian - To Be Myself Completely (Radio session)

- Belle And Sebastian - Dress Up In You (Radio session)

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