Friday, January 20, 2006

Daddy's Little Earthling

Alongside the song a week project by Thunderegg the band recently released "Open Book" a bumper package consisting of a CD featuring 213, yes 213 songs (stored on the CD as MP3 files), and a 108 page book featuring lyrics, sleevenotes and artwork. This release collects together eight albums recorded between 1995-2004 most originally released on cassette some of which existed as only 5 copies. Obviously being faced with this many songs by any band is a bit of a daunting proposition and I think the whole thing is best viewed like a big bowl of your favorite candy. You wouldn't want to eat the whole bunch at once but its perfect for grabbing a handful every so often. The whole collection does clearly highlight that the talent on display on last years "A Very Fine Sample Of What's Available At The Mine" CD and the weekly songs project didn't just magically appear last year with every one of these older releases showing a wealth of catchy songs brimming over with clever lyrics, and despite the limited recording facilities there's plenty of imagination in the arrangements to draw you in and hold your interest. Here's some examples of a few of my favorite songs and you can purchase the whole thing for $25 from the link below.

Download - Thunderegg - That All Depends from "Personal Envelo-file" (1997)

Download - Thunderegg - I Died Today (Just For A Minute) from "Thunderegg" (1997)

Download - Thunderegg - The Scheduled Show from "Sweetest One" (2004)

Download - Thunderegg - Penned In from "New England Music" (1996)

Download - Thunderegg - The Envelope Pushes Back from "The Envelope Pushes Back" (2000)

Visit the Thunderegg webpage and buy the album here

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