Saturday, January 14, 2006

Revolutionary Spirit

In a similar fashion to the Monochrome Set album mentioned earlier in the week, the first album by The Wild Swans "Bringing Home The Ashes" has suffered the same fate of being deleted for many years and extremely hard to find on CD. The band had a pretty convoluted history; releasing one single "Revolutionary Spirit" on the Zoo label, split up, two of the band formed The Lotus Eaters, had a hit single "The First Picture Of You" and released one album. In the meantime the Wild Swans vocalist Paul Simpson formed Care with Ian Broudie and had a minor hit in the UK. Both of these bands split and everyone got back together as The Wild Swans releasing two albums, split up again, and then The Lotus Eaters reformed for another album. Got that? Anyway, I could have pretty much posted anything from "Bringing Home The Ashes" as its that good so here's two songs.

- The Wild Swans - Bible Dreams

- The Wild Swans - Young Manhood

If you have a large disposable income buy The Wild Swans albums here


11V said...

Wow - I bought Revolutionary Spirit when it came out, it was a 12" - loved it, remember dancing round the room ecstatically to it. I knew they went on to the Lotus Eaters, First Picture Of You was a favourite of my best mate. Somewhere I still have a BASF C90 with an orange label, with a Wild Swans session taped from the John Peel show. I'll have to look out for that this year if we move - it's hopefully somewhere in the attic. On a first quick listen these two tracks sound more like Lotus Eaters than Wild Swans - if my memory serves me correctly the vocals on Wild Swans were heartfelt but indistinct and the music a lot more vigorous. Now I just wish my record player was functional so I could go and listen to that 12" for the first time in many years! Many thanks for posting.

Jun Eric Pilar said...

Thanks mate for posting these great but sadly missed band,I really loved that LP "Bringing Home The Ashes" which from start to finish is a must have bringing back memories from the past with tracks like "Archangels" & "Whirpool Heart" & a couple of years ago,Renascent released their early works including the first single,some sessions & live outings.Yup,The Lotus Eaters reunite before the new millenium & released a new LP & i even saw them played here back in 2001.


eLf ideas said...

You surprised me by posting something from The Wild Swans.
I'm a big fan of the bands that revolved around that group--The Lotus Eaters, Care, The Lightning Seeds...

For me, TWS and TLe and Care are among the most underrated bands of all time.

I'm lucky to have seen TLE when they promoted their second album in the Philippines. I even had the chance to befriend TLE and TWS guitarist Jeremy Kelly, who's a very down-to-earth person.

More of the classic and essentials...