Saturday, July 08, 2006

Give Him The Ball And A Yard Of Grass

Some bands are forever tainted with an image or perception derived from their first singles or interviews or whatever. No matter what happens afterwards they are always associated with those initial forays into the big bad music industry. Two examples I can think of immediately were The Frank & Walters who produced some fine music throughout their existence but they are just remembered (if at all) as being the happy grinning funsters who covered "Funky Cold Medina." Then you have the Sultans Of Ping (F.C.) who somehow ended up on Rhythm King home of pop dance classics, went on to make a couple of fine Stooges style albums but will forever be known as the "Where's Me Jumper?" band. You want proof, the band have reformed and a clip of them is up on Youtube playing live and they play THAT song and chaos ensues! The band have put their entire back catalogue up on but for those of us who cannot buy stuff from there the website below has a massive amount of MP3 available. Oh and of course today's downloads include "Where's Me Jumper?" and the band's take on two Carter USM songs.

Sultans Of Ping - Bloodsport For All

Sultans Of Ping - Do Re Mi

Sultans Of Ping FC - Where's Me Jumper?

Sultans Of Ping FC - Stupid Kid

Buy the band's song in the UK here

Loads of MP3 can be found here

Sultans Of Ping - Where's Me Jumper? (live)


Anonymous said...

Sultans of Ping F.C. are awesome :)

Donal said...

Sure, the Franks and the Sultans are remembered for certain songs but they have far more material than that. I saw the both of them recently, still have that extra something that most bands would kill for.
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