Friday, March 25, 2005

All I Am Is Loving You

Continuing on from yesterday and Scottish pop that emerged after the likes of Orange Juice and Aztec Camera we have The Bluebells who on the back of, I think, a car commercial scored a number one hit single during 93 in the UK with the re-rerelease of their song "Young At Heart" by which time the band had long since broken up but got back together to mime on Top Of The Pops. In their lifetime the band only released one album "Sisters" in 1984 but it still stands up as a fine album today but it is a strange mix of pop singles mixed with overtly political songs like "The Patriot Game" and the of its time "South Atlantic Way" after the band split the songs recorded for their next album eventually surfaced as the aptly titled "Second" but for a good introduction to the band there is also a singles album still available.

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xolondon said...

You ROCK for honoring the Bluebells! I don't know that many people remember them. My personal fave is "Will She Always Be Waiting" - a song with the best singalong lalala bits since (or before?) Lloyd Cole's "Jennifer She Said."

They did a lot of work with Elvis Costello, in case his fans don't know.

Am bookmarking your site. Thanks for "Cath"!