Friday, March 11, 2005

Autour De Lucie

The two songs today from Autour De Lucie’s debut album “L’ échappée Belle” which was released in 1994. Since then the band released three albums in the US and last year another self titled album in France only. Over the course of these albums the band have added more electronic sounds to their songs but these two are fine examples of the great music on this first album. I haven’t got anything else to say today as most of the websites with pieces about the band are in French and I only got as far as being able to tell someone the dog is in the garden in French. I checked and I found no mention of this in these articles concerned.

The band's website can be found here


Indie-Boy Traqueur said...

Wow! I'm french and I'm really surprized that an american knows Autour de Lucie (~ Around Lucie).The first album L'échappée belle (~the great escape)had one of the most beautiful covers since the Smiths and the music was very pop with "ringing bells" and clear guitars. The first song "L'accord parfait" is a great anglo-frenchie pop song. The third album was produced by Ian Capple(Tindersticks,Tricky...) and is the best for me : it's more electronic indeed, more adult and Valérie Leulliot's voice can be compared here to Françoise HARDY (if you know her : you know with Jacques Dutronc...)).
Anyway...I really like your blog, your musical taste and everything (except maybe the new character police which is less good than the old and Blogger which is too slow : I've tried it too)
PS: in french "the dog is in the garden" can be translated by "Le chien est dans le jardin" What does he make in the garden?
PS 2: Sorry for my english.Try my best.
Thanks. I hope that Autour de Lucie will be proud to have been reviewed here.
PS 3: How does work your AltaVista's french translator

Steve said...

Wow! A comment longer than the actual blog posting, thank you! As far as I'm aware if you click on the flags contained within the graphic it then translates the whole page into that language. Although I'm sure the translation isn't perfect.
Once the dog is in the garden it can do what it likes as I can't say it in Franch.