Thursday, March 24, 2005

Swallows In The Rain

In the post-Postcard era of Scottish pop Glasgow bands were ensuring the clothes stores of the city were doing a roaring trade in Aztec Camera style checked shirts and fringed suede jackets. Of these some bands dented the charts with varying degrees of success (The Bluebells, Lloyd Cole & The Commontions) and others, like Friends Again really should have but for whatever reason it wasn't to be. The band released one album "Trapped and Unwrapped" in 1984 and several singles from it including Honey At The Core with the immortal line about moon boots chaffing! How could have not been a hit. When the band split the two songwriters James Grant and Chris Thompson formed Love and Money and The Bather respectively and released several albums between them.

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Mark said...

These songs bring back great memories. Thanks for bringing them back into my consciousness and putting a smile on my face!