Sunday, March 20, 2005

Draining The Pool For You

Back after my own little spring break. I've meant to post concerning The Go-Betweens for probably as long as I've been doing this blog. Simply put, The Go-Betweens are my favorite band and have been for many years. In fact they played a big part in turning me on to indie music in general. I was lent a copy of their "16 Lovers Lane" album and fell in love with the pop simplicity of it. I was then steered in the direction of Aztec Camera, Orange Juice, The Smiths and the rest is history (and far too many albums). Sadly I never got to see the classic Go-Betweens lineup before they split but when songwriters Robert Forster and Grant McLennan got back together to record the album "The Friends Of Rachel Worth" and tour with it we got to see them three times in NY/NJ. Since then all of the band's albums have been re-released with the extra disc treatment and a new album "Oceans Apart" will be out in April. So for those who haven't heard the band before today we have a link to their UK label site where you can download a whole bunch of their best singles and by way of a change here we have a video clip of the band playing one of the songs from the new album.

Download Go-Betweens MP3s here

Excellant Go-Betweens website can be found here

Stuff I've written about the band can be found here

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