Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The new Peters and Lee

Why is it that any male/female duo that comes along are now labelled as "The White Stripes if blah blah blah"? Were the WWhite Stripes referred to as "Royal Trux if they took less drugs" so The Kills are "The White Stripes but even more bluesy" and on the front of "American Whip" the second album by Joy Zipper their record label have helpfully put a sticker telling the world that the band are like The White Stripes if they jumped into Brian Wilson's sandbox and started building castles. Or something like that. It's just as well the actual music contained within warrents looking past this sad marketing as the band have taken the dreamy classic pop quality of thier debut album and whereas the first album was made up of their demos this time they have beeen given time to let the songs develop totally and although the songs do look back to influences like The Beach Boys they also contain nods to the likes of Stereolab.

Download - Joy Zipper - Check Out My New Jesus from their debut album

Download - Joy Zipper - Out Of The Sun from "American Whip

More streaming songs can be found at the band's website here

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