Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Birds Make Good Neighbors

The second wonderful album by The Rosebuds is just out, and I'm overjoyed to find that 'Birds Make Good Neighbors' even eclipses the highs of their debut 'Make Out' the blending of 60's pop and the better sounds of indie rock are still there, but the increase of Kelly Crisp's vocal duties are the most welcome addition. A married couple, how they met, fell in love, and started the band is a cool story so I'll just steal it wholesale from the Merge Records website:

"Ivan and Kelly met in Wilmington, NC where they both went to start their lives after high school. Ivan planned to play basketball for the University of North Carolina at Wilmington but before he got to suit up for his freshman season, he broke both arms in a pick-up game, essentially ending his basketball career. He didnĂ‚’t know what to do next but he was too depressed to care about school anymore. Kelly, who was studying English, became one of his closest friends. She would share stories about her own life, talk to him about books she was reading, and they would go to see rock shows together. It was a good friendship and eventually, it was a relationship. Ivan started playing the guitar and writing songs. Kelly started writing her stories down and joined an all-female performance group that wrote and directed their own material. So, by the time of their wedding, they were both so heavily involved with their own creative projects that they were eager to try a project together. When The Rosebuds took the stage on that first evening playing as a two-piece with a drum machine, they were unknowingly defining their future as a married couple."

At the moment if you purchase the album direct from Merge you can also get their previous "The Rosebuds Unwind" EP at a bargain price and there's also mention of Rosebuds tattoos up for grabs so how can you resist?

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Brian W said...

RIght now I'm enjoying "Shake Our Tree" and "The Lovers' Rights" the most...there's a nice Go Betweens-y jangle in some of the songs that I wasn't expecting at all. I thought they would have been more...amerindie.