Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Floats Like A Mogwai

Two tracks from the recesses of my record collection today. Firstly one of the seminal mix-ups by Double Dee & Steinski who wikipedia describe as the act who " exerted a powerful influence on an entire generation of "samplists" and continues to be cited to this day as a landmark in the history of "sampledelica". Indeed one can trace a line from Double Dee and Steinski through Coldcut's "Say Kids What Time Is It?" (which begat Bomb The Bass' "Beat Dis", which, in turn, begat LA Mix's "Check This Out") to DJ Shadow (who paid his dues on a track entitled "Lesson 4") and The Avalanches"

"The Motorcade Sped On" appeared on a 7" given away with the NME and stood out like a sore thumb amongst the likes of U.2. who were also on there.

Secondly we have a great example of a bootleg mash-up that isn't two tracks stuck together badly but something, I think, stands up on its own as a great piece of music, Mogwai, Cassius Clay, and the talents of McSleazy.

The McSleazy Website resides here

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Jyoti said...

Wahey! Thanks for 'Motorcade,' Steve! I've got the same NME 7" (the U2 track is an instrumental version of 'Wire,' innit?) but I've been too lazy to rip it.

I shall play 'Motorcade' tonight when I'm DJing!
love and kisses,