Friday, September 09, 2005

Kill All Hippies

Not many bands can claim to have been as adventurous during their existence as Primal Scream, looking back they started out as part of the C86 shambling scene with 'Velocity Girl' and gave The Stone Roses a sound to borrow on their 'Made Of Stone', paid homage to The Byrds and Love on their debut album 'Sonic Flower Groove', decided they wanted to in fact be The Stooges on 'Primal Scream' teamed up with Andy Weatherall to conjure up 'Loaded' and in 'Screamadelica' produced an album that is one of the best of the last twenty years. Next up another rock beast in 'Give Out But Don't Give Up' but once again they got their shit together and came back with the magnificent 'Kowalski' single and 'Vanishing Point' album and the accompanying dub version in 'Echodek', 'Xtrmntr' followed along with the acquisition of Mani from The Stone Roses and Kevin Shields who may still be in My Bloody Valentine, who knows? Their most recent album was the patchy 'Evil Heat' and since the perfect introduction, along with 'Screamadelica', the compilation 'Dirty Hits' little has been heard from the band who are apparently in the process of producing a new album with Brian Eno or Youth or somebody else. The official sites for the band appear to be either on the fritz or out of date so follow the link below to the best site on the band.

The songs today are a Kevin Shields remix, a Jesus & Mary Chain cover, and a funky b-side featuring as the name suggests Hammonds aplenty have most of the band's albums at bargain prices here

The best Primal Scream website lives here

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howard said...

I can still remember sitting in the sixth form common room discussing whether the stone roses debut album had ripped off PS's Sonic Flower Groove or not, and have you heard velocity girl lately?
A couple of years later I saw them (just before Screamadelica) at Royal Bedford and Holloway New College just outside London in their first greasy leathers and Les Paul/Marchall rockin' incarnation and Gillespie spent most of the evening hiding behind his mic stand avoiding pints of lager/cider/piss.
xtrmntr is still a cracking record though.