Friday, September 02, 2005

Mary Jane Is Strange

Frank Bednash and Donna Esposito the duo who made up Cowboy & Spingirl have been recording music for Parasol Records almost since the label was formed, changing their name to Toothpaste 2000, and now Mas Rapido! they have made nine albums and a batch of singles. Today though, we're going back to 1991/2 when the band released their first two 7"s which immediately displayed their talent for making great pop music that takes its cue from the past but does so without becoming overtly retro. The songs sound like they were recorded as cheaply as possible but with the melodies are strong enough to make that immaterial. The band released one full length CD 'Earcandy' and a collection of their other recordings 'Odds & Bobs' which includes a great version of 'Nowhereland' with Donna singing. Both Cds, along with their other albums and song samples, can be found at the Parasol records site and you can even get the two 7" today's downloads are from for the bargain price of 50c each!!

Buy Cowboy & Spingirl/Toothpaste 2000/Mas Rapido! at Parasol here


Tom said...

I think there first release was a mini album on Subway in 1988. never heard it though.

Steve said...

You're right, I'm not sure if these songs were some of those featured on the two Parasol 7", as some of them were recorded in England. I know all of the Subway mini album is on the 'Bits & Bobs' compilation though.