Thursday, September 22, 2005

To Accept The Things I Cannot

Monica Queen is probably best known as the voice that showed Belle And Sebastian fans what female vocals sound like when the person can actually sing on 'Lazy Line Painter Jane' but for those with longer memories she was previously the focal point of Thrum, a band who didn't let the fact they were Scottish get in the way of their love of country rock but suffered the curse of all bands on Fire Records, no sales. Since the B&S hook-up Monica Queen, along with Thrum guitarist Johnny Smillie have recorded two fine albums that taking the good bits of Thrum and added a few electronic twists, and lets face it Ms Queen could be singing her gorcery list and it'd sound awesome. The latest album, 'Return Of The Sacred Heart' was released earlier this year and can be ordered from their label below. You can also listen to a couple more songs on her myspace page along with towards downloads, One from each album.

Buy the new album here

Monica Queen's website is here, and her myspace page lives here

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