Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lemon Peeler

The Gigolo Aunts are one of those bands that produced a consistantly high standard of album but I never really paid much attention to as the likes of Teenage Fanclub and Fountains Of Wayne always topped my Byrds/Big Star/Power pop chart. In fact the biggest interaction I had with the band were letting them know where Portsmouth's only health food store was when they popped into HMV when they supported The Wonder Stuff in the city. Like many bands though, they had that ONE song, the one they would always be known for and that would end up on lots of movie soundtracks or TV themes. In their case it was "Where I Find My Heaven".

I think the band are no more as vocalist Dave Gibbs recently released an album under the name Kid Lightning, moving in a more Americana direction i noticed with fear that he's been hanging out with Counting Crows, his website also features a Phil Collins cover MP3 if you're interested. Consider yourself warned! He also features on yet another one of the IPX EPs mentioned below which is where this song comes from.

The old Gigolo Aunts website is here

and The Kid Lighning website is here


Tom said...

Where I Find My Heaven was a theme tune to Game On a cringing comedy starring Samantha Janus. Just been repeated on G2 here in the UK.

Steve said...

I remember the show and its total crapness. I just couldn't bring myself to look up its title. Now am I right in thinking that "Sparkeys Dream" by Teenage Fanclub was also used as a TV theme?