Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Make A Deal With The City

As I may have mentioned before the bands I liked the most who released music on Sarah Records were those who stood out from the majority of other bands on the label. The likes of Even As We Speak, Sugargliders, and, most conspicuously East River Pipe which was one guy, F.M. Cornog, recording his music at home on a small portastudio. Through a series of singles on his own Hell Gate label, which were later re-released by Sarah in the UK, Cornog produced what felt like a collection of short stories of New York/New Jersey life that were sad, reflecting, and slightly dark and grimy. No twee hearts and flowers here, made by fresh-faced college kids, these songs felt like they were made by someone who had actually battled some demons.

After these initial singles East River Pipe produced several fine albums the last being 2001's 'Garbageheads On Endless Stun'. You can also fortunately get all the early releases on a compilation CD 'Shining Hours In A Can' both from Merge Records and iTunes. The two songs today are both found on that album.

UPDATE Just heard from Merge records that a new East River Pipe album 'What Are You On?' will be released in January

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