Monday, August 15, 2005

Pancake Bay Weather Station

So after having the whole weekend to repeatedly play "One Thousand Reasons To Stay...One Reason To Leave" the album by Paper Moon I decided to not delay the inevitable and post a couple more songs by the band today. The band have made an album that has drawn comparisons to the likes of Juliana Hatfield, The Sundays, Ivy, and I would add to that the pop exuberance of Frente! They're currently in the process of recording a new album and judging from the demo versions of these songs posted at their page, it's gonna be even better than their first. Both of today's songs are from their first album which you can buy from endearing reocords at the link below.

Buy the bands releases here

The Band's website can be found here, and more songs can be heard at their page which is here


Anonymous said...

Are they in fact affiliated with the Paper Moon Diner? Because I love that place. I'm pretty sure their servers are all on drugs and the decor looks like my room. That'd translate to some pretty freaky music.

Steve said...

No, The Paper Moon diner, which sounds well worth a visit, was just the result of a google image search

Sheela said...

I love Paper Moon.
they are probably my favorite band.
have you gotten their new cd yet?