Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Nova Scotia

Ultramarine came to most peoples attention with the release of their second, and what is widely regarded as their best, album "Every Man And Woman Is A Star". The album coincided with the interest in ambient house or chill out music, and would often be found alongside the Orb's "Ultraworld" album in the discerning hipsters CD collection. Comparing the two albums I would say Ultramarine's definitely stands the test of time better with a pastoral feel which runs throughout the band's releases. Whereas the Orb were heading for the stars Ultramarine's album featured a cornfield and a huge cloud filled sky. Perfect summer driving music, and having a longtime being deleted the album was reissued in the UK by LTM and in the US by Darla. LTM also released "Companion" featuring various remixes and tracks from singles that appeared around the time of the album and is definitely worth purchasing as well.

Purchase the album in the UK/Europe here

Purchase the album in the US here

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howard said...

Every Man and Woman is a great album, but those following it were a steady decline into queasy electro jazz wankery (that the new Turin Brakes album reminded me of).

Have you heard the unmen album of approximately the same vintage? Also top stuff.