Friday, February 25, 2005

The Anti Midas Touch

Isn't it nice when someone does your job for you? This is definitely the case with The Wolfhounds There really is no need to go into any detail about this fine band as the website linked to below contains everything you would possibly need to know about the band along with a slew of MP3's. You will also find there an unreleased Stereolab track. The two MP3s here today were both singles by the band. If aanyone out there has an MP3 of their song "Anti-Midas Touch" please let me know.

Also today after the shocking news concerning Edwyn Collins who was admitted to hospital over the weekend after suffering a brain haemorrhage I thought it would be apt to post the track below and hope his condition improves.

The complete guide to The Wolfhounds can be found here


Anonymous said...

some sort of a hollies 'king midas in reverse' he destroys everything golden

Steve said...

I think in this case it means that after a relationship everything the person touches turns to crap

Leanna said...

Another Wolfies fan in the US. Great to see I'm not alone. Even David (Yes Callahan)Was surprised when I wrote asking about thier music. Anyway, I've got a good collection of Wolfies MP3 and WMA files, including Anti-Midas Touch.

I won't post them for everybody, out of respect for David, Andy G. and, the rest of the Wolfies but, if you want a copy Email me