Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just Moved In

Idha Ovelius it can be safe to say owes her relative success to her boyfriend/husband Andy Bell of Ride/Hurricane #1/Oasis fame. Bell inspired her to take up guitar after meeting him at a Ride concert and his influence no doubt helped her end up on Creation. This would usually be the end of this story but things took a turn for the interesting when her first album "Melody Inn" showed a songwriter with a deep love of the likes of Bobbie Gentry and eclipsed anything the plodding dull Hurricane #1 managed. Her follow up, "Troublemaker" was even better with the two songs here today examples of the strength of the music. Sadly nothing has been heard of Idha since but hopefully another poor Oasis album may mean Mrs Bell may need to go back to her day job.

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Jango said...

Great too see Idha Ovelius mentioned here. Idha's music is one of the true hidden treasures of 90's Indie Rock 'n' Roll. Her two albums are both awesome!! Great songs, great playing & a gorgeously sexy singing voice. She looked super-hot too! ;-)