Friday, February 04, 2005

We Walk Around

So in the interests of picking up records I never brought with me when I moved to the US, and to find songs I really want to feature here I have frequently found myself "diggin in the crates" as I believe the cool kids call it at the used music stores in this part of New Jersey (Princeton record exchange, vintage vinyl) and here I have come to the conclusion that in your better used vinyl stores along side every 70s rock album you wouldn't want you will without fail find the very excellant one and only full length album by Colourbox. First things first, don't confuse this self titled album with their mini album of early singles also self titled. Easy to spot difference the mini album has a sleeve featuring a fetching photograph of a horse's penis.

Colourbox consisted of brothers Martyn and Steve Young and stuck out like a sore thumb on the 4AD rosta at the time that consisted of The Cocteau Twins and lots of bad goth bands. Colourbox were really a band out of time mixing samples, guitars and beats, dub influences and single sleeves of Jimmy Hill at long before dance "pioneers" Leftfield and Underworld discovered it. The last release featuring the band was the classic "Pump Up The Volume" under the MARRS name with AR Kane which in hindsight didn't appear to be much of a collaboration as one side is obviously a Colourbox track with the b-side sounding like AR Kane. Now you would think after a massive hit the time would have been ripe for more Colourbox recordings but that was it nothing else ever appeared and we just have the one album to remember them by and used record stores of America have a bin filler.

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