Monday, February 21, 2005

Public Service or Hit Counting?

I'm sure people's perception of the point to blogs specifically MP3 blogs may be different from mine. I do this primarily to hopefully introduce people to music I love that they are often unlikely to hear otherwise. Usually because it's from ten plus years ago from a band that no longer exist and it only came out on vinyl. Now it is of course heartening to see how many people visit Turquoise Days on a day to day basis and to know people are listening to this music. New/Current bands are a different matter to me, If a band is releasing music now I have (so far) only linked to MP3 files that the band/label have posted because this is what the band want people to hear or something like a radio session that again the band did for the public to hear for free. What I tend to have a problem with is a blog posting a whole bunch of tracks or a link to a whole album by a band which have been ripped from a pre-release CD. Maybe I'm missing the point here but if all you want to do is download an album before its released why not sit on Limewire or whatever?

My point if I have one is the whole point of an MP3 blog to me is:

1. Go to blog, in this case Bzangy Groink

2. Read about Jyoti's favorite albums of 2004 and see mention of Say Hi To Your Mom

3. Download songs, discover a band making the most subtle of pop music that taps you on the shoulder several days after you heard it and whsipers the chorus into your ear so you can't forget it.

4. Go to store, buy both their albums, "Numbers and Mumbles" released last year and "Discosadness" from 2002.

5. Eagerly await forthcoming releases.

6. In the meantime check out more MP3 blogs not offering the new Beck album.

Download lots of great songs by Say Hi To Your Mom here


Comet Star Moon said...

You just proved the importance of blogs by directing me to "Say Hi To Your Mom." Months ago, before I even knew about MP3Js I came across a blog posting a couple of SHTYM tracks. I thought they were brilliant and made a mental note to pick up the album. My mental notes like to hide on me and I had lost track of the "Buy SHTYM" note until I saw this post on your blog. Thanks so much for jogging my memory and reminding me that when I go do my Tuesday music shopping I should seek out this band. Love your blog!

Jyoti Mishra said...

You should email Eric SHTYM, he's a very friendly bloke. I'll hopefully have an interview up with him on Bzangy soon,
love and kisses,